Set to take part in the Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Caledonia, in Pitlochry are Europa Cup Title ski-er Dave Ryding, and team coach Tristan Glasse-Davies. They will be kicking off their ski boots, hopping on their bikes and setting themselves an uphill challenge on Sunday 11 May.
The event, which has formed part of the team’s successful cross training programme in the run up to major sporting events such as the recent 2016 Winter Olympics in Sochi, sees them return to the area to tackle the country’s biggest closed road cycling event which sold out in under 8 hours.
CycleRoadClosedWebDave Ryding has already “placed” in Etape Caledonia’s history, registering the second highest time in 2012, and finishing in the top ten on more than one occasion.
This year he’ll compete with Ski and Snowboard team coach, Tristan Glasse-Davies who is also a regular fixture in the cycling event that sees over 5000 cyclists take to the roads of Highland Perthshire every year.
The event starts and finishes in Pitlochry, with a whole host of attractions for spectators as well as riders.
James Robinson, Managing Director at IMG Challenger World, said: "Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Caledonia is looking forward to the spectacle of 5,250 cyclists enjoying the experience of cycling on closed roads and being able to enjoy the fantastic scenery of Highland Perthshire. We’re expecting a real festival atmosphere in Pitlochry and it’s destined to be a breathtaking event for both the participants and spectators."


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