New Adventure Project 'A Commercial Global First'

Thrill-seekers from across Britain descended on Highland Perthshire on 27 June for the official opening of the world’s first commercial aqualining course.
This is the latest innovation by award winning Perthshire adventure sport pioneers Nae Limits, who introduced Sphereing, cliff jumping, river bugging and adventure tubing to Scotland.
Like high wire walking, aqualining is a variation of the adrenaline craze ‘slacklining’ which was started in America. ‘Slackers’, traditionally, use lines suspended above ground but this new concept of ‘aqualining’ over natural falls is a global first.
Aqualining1WebThe adventure enthusiasts traversed a webbed rope suspended 10 feet above a rocky bowl on the picturesque River Garry at Calvine Gorge.
Fortunately for the participants, there was a rope handrail for safety and many of the aqualiners chose to flip off the slackline into the gorge pool, voluntarily (pictured).
“I actually started slacklining years ago in my own garden, with the line suspended between trees but it was only when my son Dale, who is the Chief Guide, demonstrated what may be possible with waterfalls that I knew there was a whole new world out there,” said Nae Limits Founder, John Mason-Strang.
“The aqualine is about 10ft above the final waterfall pool at the gorge but it is all about fun, people learning water and rock skills, improving their climbing skills and enjoying themselves.
“They learn cliff jumping, sliding and how to fall but there is also a handrail they can use. When they get their confidence up, they may not need it, but it will always be there.”

First Commercial Aqualine
21 year old Becky Crichton from Falkirk was the first off along the aqualine. She somersaulted into the water before giving the thumbs up. “I’ve never done anything like that before,” she said. “There are bits that were quite frightening but I am a scaredy-cat anyway. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and you feel quite safe in all your equipment.”
Slacklining was invented by American rock climbers in the late 70s but is now growing in popularity as a global sport, under the governance of the World Slackline Federation.
Nae Limits founder John Mason-Strang, also one of the brains behind the UK’s first permanent bridge bungee jump at Killiecrankie, believes aqualining will bring customers from all over the world to Perthshire.
“What we are doing here, with the first commercial aqualine, is allowing people to experience the sport in a safe and controlled environment."
The innovation has been warmly received by tourism agencies, with Perthshire adding to its credentials as one of Europe’s leading adventure sport destinations.
Mike Cantlay, VisitScotland Chairman, said:”The new aqualining course over Calvine Gorge is hugely exciting and offers a unique way to enjoy the stunning countryside in the region.
“The growing variety of outdoor pursuits available in Scotland is essential to the country’s growing reputation as a top adventure destination.
“Nae Limits are to be congratulated on their continued innovation and investment in bringing new activities to Scotland.”


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