09 April 2014

For the last eleven years, Melanie Bonn has lived in Glenlyon. Married with two young daughters, she runs a B&B, keeps a tiny flock of sheep, hens and a working garden. She’s a regular news and arts contributor on Heartland FM. Here’s her take on events and issues in the glen over the past month

Glenyon Primary school held a Fairtrade coffee morning recently. It’s amazing how even the youngest school children have developed a really strong awareness of the idea of Fairtrade. My daughter could recognise the Fairtrade logo on packets of coffee before she could write her own name. She takes an active interest in my buying habits, checking for ethical purchases when we unpack the ASDA delivery together.
MelOflynnWebFor the coffee morning parents were expected to offer some home-baking. I decided to play it safe and do an old favourite – the lemon drizzle cake I used to supply to the Watermill in Aberfeldy. If you want a fool-proof and delightful recipe that is universally loved, have a look at the recipe yourself on the wesite, www.gocscotland.org.uk.
A recent spate of thefts of fuel, tools and equipment from sheds and barns in Glenlyon has caused a lot of anxiety among people here. Perhaps it’s a case of closing the door after the horse has bolted, but residents of the glen have responded positively to a suggestion from the police to mark property. PC Peter Lorrain-Smith visited Bridge of Balgie recently to discuss people’s concerns. He pointed out that if your stuff was stolen and then recovered, few people would be able positively to identify their property. A dab of nail varnish on a power tool could make all the difference in proving it was yours or not and getting it back. A ‘Marking Day’ is planned; a simple idea where you can turn up to the Glenlyon Post Office with your electric drill or whatever and use free UV markers. The other tip is to make a note of all the serial numbers on valuable bits of kit.
Beautiful weather has its drawbacks. A fit of enthusiastic digging led to my husband putting a very mucky garden fork through his welly boot and spearing his big toe. On a Saturday. Not easy to sort out a speedy Tetanus jab. The advice is to get a shot within 24hours, so it being a weekend, a trip to Pitlochry was the nearest option. I wasn’t delighted by the prospect of roughly a three hours round-trip in the car. I’m not sure my husband was too delighted by the prospect of being my helpless passenger. We grabbed the two children and headed for the Minor Injuries drop-in at Pitlochry Cottage Hospital.
The inconvenience of weekend GP cover in Aberfeldy - or rather lack of it, - was offset by the opportunity to try out dinner at the Logierait Hotel. The food was great and they didn’t even blink when my husband arrived wearing his slippers. 


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