The Scottish Hydro Griffin Community Fund, provided by SSE, is open for applications from 1 May. The Fund will benefit the community council areas of Aberfeldy, Dull & Weem, Dunkeld & Birnam, Kenmore & District and Mid Atholl, Strathtay & Grandtully. The initial deadline for applications is 31 May.
For the next 25 years, SSE will award at least £312,000 annually to the Scottish Hydro Griffin Community Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to support activities that will enhance quality of life and promote people’s well-being; promote community spirit and bring people together; and foster vibrant, sustainable communities. In the first year of the Fund’s operation around £324,000 is available for distribution.

Applications’ Processing
Grant-making charity the Scottish Community Foundation will process applications from constituted community groups, not-for-profit organisations and registered charities. An advisory panel - made up of local residents and representatives from the Community Council areas - will meet four times a year to decide how grants are to be awarded.
In addition, applications for grants of up to £250 can be made through a ‘micro’ grants scheme administered by each of the five Community Councils serving the area. Forms and guidelines will be available direct from each Community Council and will also be available on the Scottish Community Foundation website.
Applications for micro grants of up to £250 can be made at any time and are open to groups (with or without a constitution) and individuals for purposes which will benefit the local community. Each Community Council will make the decisions on any micro grants to be awarded in its area.
Organisations seeking larger amounts will be able to apply for a small, medium or large grant, and should contact the Scottish Community Foundation or visit its website to obtain application forms and find information about deadlines.
Small grants of between £250 and £5,000 can be applied for using a very simple form available from the Scottish Community Foundation.
Applicants for medium grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 are asked to complete a more detailed form as applications of this size must provide more information on how the funds will be used.
Applications for grants of £25,000 or more can be more complex so any decision to award grants of this size will follow detailed discussions between the applicant, the Scottish Community Foundation and the advisory panel. In the first instance, applications are invited on a short proposal form.

John Gray, Chair of the Scottish Hydro Griffin Community Fund advisory panel, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to improve the local area. We want this long-term funding to create and support sustainable projects and initiatives; build sustainable local organisations and groups; and, connect with wider sections of the community and leverage additional funding for the area, where necessary.”
Noel Cummins, SSE Community Liaison Officer for the Griffin Wind Farm, said: “We are delighted to launch the Fund which has the potential to make a real difference to the communities around Griffin and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
“Over the lifetime of the wind farm, the fund should provide well over £8 million which has the potential to provide real benefit to the community.”
For further information and application forms, please visit , or contact Sian Langdon at the Scottish Community Foundation on 0141 341 4967.


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