The tree planting season is with us again. Some oaks have been planted on the southern face and  some ash below the pine plantation, reports Margaret Jarvis of the Highland Perthshire Community Land Trust.

Tree planting on the hill has now  been interrupted by deep snow  but already the few hundred Scots pines that have been waiting in the deer- and  rabbit-proof enclosure have been planted out mostly on the western slopes, and many of the two thousand birches recently purchased from Woodbury Estate in Glen Isla have been planted on the northern slopes. They should grow away well in the spring

We have willows and alder ordered: these are expected to thrive in the wetter areas. The majority of the planned planting will have been done when this phase is complete. A variety of other native species-oaks, bird cherry and ash- from members' gardens have been transplanted to appropriate positions on Dun Coillich. If you have any tree saplings you would like to contribute please let us know - see the contact details on the web site.

Large areas of the hill will of course never be planted, including the flower-rich limestone outcrops, other rocky areas, and the very boggy places.

Stepping stones were put in position across the Goulandie Burn earlier this year. This should result in fewer wet feet!.  Planned changes in fencing will make the route up the hill simpler and more obvious.


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