Aberfeldy Community Council (ACC) will once again be presenting the community of Aberfeldy with a polling choice on the controversial question of a hydro scheme to operate in the Birks of Aberfeldy.
A revised proposal, for which Planning Consent has been secured from the local authority, has now been tabled.  The applicant, Mr Donald Ogilvy-Watson, is seeking the support of the people of Aberfeldy which will help him in securing a lease on The Birks for this purpose.
At ACC’s 7 December meeting held in the Town Hall, five of the seven Community Councillors present opposed the proposed run of the river hydro scheme going ahead in the Birks, with two Councillors in favour.  
Since that meeting, the eigth Councillor has intimated a position in favour of the scheme and, therefore, ACC is split 5/3 in opposition to it.

Community Decision
However, ACC is in full agreement that, irrespective of its position, it is the wishes of the townspeople that should be the primary and deciding factor. ACC is intent on asking the community of Aberfeldy for its view on the issue.  
Chairman of the ACC, Eric Slorance, told Comment: “If the people of Aberfeldy are in favour of this proposed scheme going ahead then that will be the message that ACC will pass on to the five P&K councillors who make up the Aberfeldy Common Good Committee. 
“It is that group which will ultimately decide to grant or to refuse this lease for the developer to use the Birks for this business purpose. “   
He added that it was important that the Community of Aberfeldy are in a position to make an informed choice by seeing the amended proposals in detail before being asked for their decision.
Those details are all available online at www.hipshire.com/community_councils/area12.html as well as being available to read in paper format within the Community Campus Library.
During the afternoon of Wednesday, 18 January the developer will exhibit details of his amended proposals within the Town Hall and townspeople are urged to attend this.

Exhibition & Ballot Details
On that same evening ACC will host an Open Meeting from 7.30pm where the public can seek any clarification on the proposals put forward.
Following this, the Community Council will ballot the townspeople and ask for their decision on whether they would wish this scheme to proceed or not. The ballot will run for 3 weeks.  Details of how it will operate will be on the ballot paper itself.
An ACC Summary Document on the proposed scheme, together with a ballot paper, will be hand delivered by the ACC members around the doors in the few days prior to the 18 January.
The Community Council is urging the people of the town to participate in this very important issue on the future of the Birks, to give their decision and to participate in this poll.



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