Kindrogan Field Centre  is creating a new pond in its grounds and is calling on everyone to lend a hand with its CSV Action Earth project.
Sarah Walker of the Field Centre, who is co-ordinating the project, told Comment; “ Our pond will provide a new habitat within our garden attracting a host of local flora and fauna including native invertebrates and reptiles.
“In doing so, we hope to create an educational area that can be used by all our guests from primary students through to advanced higher students and adult groups.
Over the week beginning Monday 8 August we will be digging the margins of the pond and shaping it, laying the pond liner, laying a walkway around it and also clearing an area for a wildflower meadow.”
Project work will continue throughout the week on Monday 8 August 4pm-6.30pm, Tuesday 9 August 4pm - 6.30pm, Wednesday 10 August 4pm-6.30pm, Thursday 11August 4pm - 6.30pm, Friday 12 August 4pm-6.30pm and Saturday 13 August 9am - 12.30pm.

Action Earth
The activity is part of a five-month campaign called Action Earth organised by CSV (Community Service Volunteers). As part of this year’s campaign, Scottish Natural Heritage will be supporting 155 projects in Scotland through the three different grant awards, aimed at groups that will help support and encourage Scottish biodiversity and encourage volunteers through practical environmental projects. 
Sarah Walker continued: “Everybody can get involved in conserving biodiversity. It is a shared resource and a shared responsibility. From the smallest individual action to a national campaign, every contribution helps!  The CSV Action Earth Awards are designed to help groups of volunteers take practical action to improve and create places for wildlife.”
Those who wish to register their own project or who can come up with a good project idea, should take part in the campaign and call the CSV Action Earth hotline on 0131 222 9083
Anyone keen to learn new skills, improve the local environment and have fun at the same time with the pond project, is urged to call 01250 870150.


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