Six woodland creation and management projects across Perth and Argyll are delivering a host of environmental, recreational and business benefits – thanks to almost £600,000 of grant funding awarded over the past year.
The financial backing came from the Rural Priorities element of the Scottish Government’s Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP), administered by Forestry Commission Scotland.
SRDP aims to develop rural Scotland by supporting projects at a local and national level.
Environment & Climate Change Minister, Stewart Stevenson, said: “Increasing the level of forest cover in Scotland will deliver a wide range of benefits to landowners, communities, and to wildlife but most importantly it will help us to mitigate the effects of climate change.
“Private landowners have a significant part to play in helping us achieve this and I am pleased that landowners are taking advantage of the grant assistance available to them through the SRDP.
“These projects across Perth and Argyll are very good examples of the type of project that the forestry element of SRDP aims to support.”

Local Award
Among the beneficiaries of the grant funding is an Aberfeldy-based forestry contractor who has received £28,000 to help diversify and expand his existing forestry business by using specialised small scale forestry machinery to manage small and medium sized woods that were previously considered ‘uneconomic’.
The expansion of the business may also create employment, will support local ‘downstream’ markets such as woodfuel and also result in improved biodiversity and forest habitat networks.


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