On 2 May a river cleanup operation on the banks of the River Tay brought volunteers from two local rafting companies together in an effort to remove the accumulation of debris, much of which comes from winter flooding and littering by other river users.
RaftClearupWebThe result was around a ton of dangerous refuse being hauled off with help from Splash Whitewater Rafting and Free Spirits.
Local graphic designer and river guide Chris Wain who coordinated the operation described the extent of conditions on arrival:  “There are those who tragically believe the river is a self cleansing environment which magically whisks rubbish from sight.
“We found construction materials, road signs, prams, and bicycles, innumerable cans, glass and plastic bottles and, ironically, at Boat of Cluny a submerged wheelybin.”
“The six miles of water between Aberfeldy and Grandtully is among the most beautiful stretches of water in the country.  It’s a sad reflection on those who live and work on the river that so little effort is made by others to protect it.”
The volunteers used rafts in order to access steep or difficult areas of banking inaccessible by other means. Splash Guide Kevin McCruden commented on the positive support from members of the public who were encountered during the cleanup.
He said: “The volunteers worked extremely hard for several hours in order to tidy out the junk and the support we received from the fishermen and walkers we encountered was heartening.
“We were asked why there was not a more integrated approach among those who use the water and those who own land along the river banks.”
“Improving the quality of the environment on this stretch of River Tay is paving the way for a better experience for our customers. The rafting companies believe that, with more public use and enjoyment of the resource, more will stand up to protect it when the time comes for development and growth.”

The guides (pictured here) were Chris Wain, Nell Wardman, Erin Rayton and Jamie MacManaway and Kevin McCruden.


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