Towards the end of August Billy Chung of the Humanos Aid charity based in Grandtully, wrote to Ward 4 C’llr Michael Williamson in connection with the work that his group carries out in supplying salvaged and repaired computer equipment to needy nations in eastern Europe.
Recyclesign2WebHe advised that Humanos Aid was investigating the  separation of materials at P&K’s recycling centres in Glenfarg and elsewhere, to have a closer look at recycling practices.
 Billy Chung told Comment: “Centres operated by P&K Council and a few other recyclers have caught our attention.  Our investigations are ongoing and evidence will be produced in due course.”
He expressed shock that personal computers and printers had been dumped amongst microwave cookers, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and other deposited items in the metal skip.
The photo below, taken in August at the Recycle centre in Pitlochry, shows some of the content of the skip.

Skipstuff1WebRecycling Data Sought from P&K
Billy Chung has requested that P&K should provide Humanos Aid with some exact data about content separation and the tonnage that is not being recycled each quarter or every six months.
The charity currently collects, free of charge in Perthshire, all unwanted bicycles, PCs/laptops, garden tools, and any stationery, clothing and shoes.

Uplift arrangements can be made on 07845 019709 or 01887 840278 (after 6.00) 


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