Farmers for Action (FFA), NFU Scotland, ASDA supermarket representatives and Conservative MSPs met recently in the Scottish Parliament to discuss the relationship between supermarkets and Scottish farmers.
MSP Murdo Fraser has subsequently called for greater support for farmers in Angus and Perthshire. He said: “Dairy farmers have explained to ASDA representatives and to MSPs in Parliament that they cannot be expected to continue to produce milk for 30p per litre and sell it for between 24 and 25p per litre to the supermarket.
“I believe that supermarkets and other milk purchasers have a responsibility to share the margin that they take and share this more equitably with the producers. It is welcome that ASDA took this on board at the meeting, and other supermarkets must examine the price that they offer our local farmers for their quality produce.”

Fair Deal Needed
He continued: “I believe that our farmers in Angus, Perthshire and across Scotland deserve a fair deal for their produce and supermarkets must act responsibly and pay a fair price for Scottish produce. The meeting with farmers in Parliament has again reiterated the need for the Scottish Government to stand up for our farmers and they must act to help our farmers in Tayside and across Scotland.
“Farmers tell of the pressures being placed on them and the struggle that they are facing to keep their business viable and worthwhile. Supermarkets and the Scottish Government must engage in positive dialogue with Scotland’s farming community so that action is taken to ensure our farmers in Angus and Perthshire get a fair deal. It is clear that Tayside needs a successful and strong farming sector.”


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