On Thursday 24 March a demonstration day at Falkland Estate will address the issue of under-managed farm woodlands as havens of hidden opportunities.

Organised by Falkland Estate Trust and facilitated by Forestry Commission Scotland and the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers, the free event aims to highlight how being brought into effective management can make farm or small estate woodlands a source of low cost heating fuel or a new revenue stream.

Tom Davies (Biomass development officer) from the Commission, said: “Under-managed woodland is really just a wasted resource and a wasted opportunity. Some people are unsure what to do with their woodland but with simple management, they can be made to work for you. If you switch to a biomass heating system in your own premises, then a managed woodland can become your own fuel supply. It could also be the basis of a new business supplying woodfuel to other people.

“One route will save you money, particularly as oil and LPG prices rise, the other will make you money…and there’s the added potential for this all to create employment opportunities within rural communities.

“The demand for woodfuel is increasing and there is always a demand for high quality hardwood timber. Learning good woodland management techniques is essential to realising the value locked away in under-managed farm woodlands."

Programme for the day

Starting at 9.30 the event will run until 4.00pm and will include presentations on woodfuel, the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), business and machinery options, and will include a tour through the estate.

The tour will highlight the management and value of broadleaves and conifers and include thinning and sawmilling machine demonstrations.

To book a place for this event contact Gillian Mackenzie on (01738) 442 830( CLOAKING

Spaces are limited so book early to guarantee a place. 

For more information on all things woodfuel, visit www.usewoodfuel.co.uk


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