Through a simple online survey Perth & Kinross residents are being asked to help to plot the movement of swifts which are currently raising chicks locally.
The migrant population of the elegant birds has been back in the region since the beginning of May and are flying hundreds of miles every day to catch enough insects to ensure their young can fledge in the next few days.
P&K’s Countryside Ranger Service is working together with Tayside Biodiversity Partnership to record their movements and numbers.
Swift numbers have dropped hugely in recent years due to lack of nest sites and finding out where swifts gather in screaming parties can help to map “swift priority zones”.
Mid to late July has been a good time to spot swifts in screaming parties where they career madly at high speed around rooftops and houses making a screaming or screeching noise, usually at dusk and in the early morning.
Swifts are dark brown, shaped like a boomerang and live a very aerial life - feeding, sleeping and even mating while flying, only stopping to nest.
They do not roost on wires like swallows and house martins.

Local Observations Sought
Information on approximately how many swifts are in the area, where they were spotted and what type of buildings they are flying around will be welcomed from all over Perth & Kinross.
It is especially sought locally, however, from the Aberfeldy, Ballinluig and Glenalmond areas.
To pass on information about swifts in these areas, go to Survey.asp
Alternatively, contact the countryside rangers on 01250 874661 or CLOAKING .


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