Statement by SSE

On 21 April the Dunkeld to Aberfeldy path was reopened after a five month closure which allowed adjacent construction work to take place without a safety risk to members of the public.
Where possible, the public path has been separated from the newly formed construction track however there are sections where both the public and construction traffic ‘share’ the track and we have kept this under review as safety on site is our number one priority.
The path runs through the middle of the construction site which is governed by the Construction Design Management Regulations (2009).  The regulations set out clear health and safety responsibilities on SSE Renewables and their contractors who are required to manage the site. 
The management process includes training every person who works on site so that they are competent, aware of their responsibilities, the dangers of working on site and the rules and regulations in place to make sure the site is a safe place to work. In addition, all staff are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including hard hats and protective clothing, footwear, gloves and glasses at all times.
The Griffin construction site is extremely busy with quarrying, blasting and heavy vehicle movements taking place across the site and at locations on or very close to the Dunkeld to Aberfeldy path.
After reviewing construction activity adjacent to, on and along the track, and the risk of the public migrating off the identified route, it has become apparent that, despite our best efforts, we cannot satisfy ourselves that the risk of injury has been mitigated enough to continue allowing public access through the construction site along the path.
The risk of members of the public being seriously injured is not acceptable to SSER or their contractors. With this in mind, we have decided that, to remove the risk of serious injury to the public, the track should be closed for a further five months effective from Monday 9 May.  This closure will continually be reviewed and, if we feel it is safe to reopen the track earlier, we will do so without delay.

Noel Cumming


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