It is a good feeling when an individual creates a new work and gains acknowledgment for their creation - whether that be a new invention, a piece of music, a painting or a new design - possibly in the fashion industry or, more diversely, in the building industry.
Over the last few centuries to the present time, the built landscape of our local community has vastly changed. Progressive invention of machinery and methods have bettered the management of land from the days when our forebears gathered the stones from the hillside to build their houses and shielings and eke out a living. 
These have brought us to the current house designs that we see cropping up throughout the area. Some of those houses fit in with the landscape, others startle by not doing so.

Outside Influences
Houseplanshop022H - 0010WebIn my perambulations over the years across and around our Highland Perthshire landscape, I have been intrigued at the appearance of houses similar in design, perhaps by pure coincidence, with those created in other countries such as those in the United States.  One example (pictured) is plan no 022H - 0010 in the ‘House Plan Shop’
Some of the designs of the recent house erections in our locale have been reported as being ‘unique to the area’. One has to wonder if they really are.
Recently, German friends were walking within Taymouth estate when they encountered the new show house being proffered for sale there. They remarked that it appeared to exhibit an uncanny resemblance to the bungalow style of house designed by Huf Haus in Germany, near to where they stay.
Readers might check this observation at the website and make their own decision about any similarity.

Stuffy & Traditionalist?
It is interesting to see how easily other countries’ designs can be appropriated and adapted and how this can result in styles that are ‘fashionable’ and subsequently become dated very easily.
At one time our country was renowned worldwide for its creativity and individuality, but over the years those standards and prized virtues have been lost and replaced with a plethora of other countries’ ideas and customs which now affect our daily life and tasks 
House design, it appears, is not exempt from such changes.
It would be interesting to hear the views of others who might think this view to be merely stuffy and traditionalist

Wandering Minstrel


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