Guests at the Hilton Dunkeld House are to be encouraged to donate a £1 contribution per stay to support the Big Tree Country Initiative, to maintain and enhance Perthshire’s high quality natural environment.
Contributions will be used to support projects within Perthshire and help to preserve the environment for future generations, whilst promoting greater awareness and understanding of the area.
Through participating in the National Tree Collections of Scotland and the Perthshire Big Tree Country initiative, the hotel can draw upon the expertise of partner organisations to help ensure that the estate’s trees and woodlands are properly managed, and that this extraordinary heritage is maintained for the benefit of future generations of hotel guests and visitors.
General Manager Mike Metcalfe said, “The hotel has a long history of investing in the preservation of our beautiful landscape and we are delighted to be involved in this scheme.

Improving Awareness
“Perthshire has some of the most remarkable trees and country gardens in Europe and is stunning at any time of year. Hilton Dunkeld values its connections with supporting Big Tree Country and is pleased to be associated with the various projects on conservation and protecting the wonderful Perthshire landscape.
“This scheme also supports the existing good work already implemented by Big Tree Country. It not only encourages guests of the hotel to engage in local environmental enhancements, but it also encourages our staff to be pro-active in learning more about Big Tree Country.”
The scheme will be administered by P&K Countryside Trust on behalf of Hilton Dunkeld House. To date the whole scheme has raised over £120,000 towards Big Tree Country projects. This has helped to improve viewpoints, install shelters, create better access and make challenging sites less demanding for all ages and abilities.


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