Responding to emissions’ figures produced on 17 July, the Greens have condemned the Scottish Government for missing the first carbon target under the Scottish Climate Change Act.  They pointed to Scottish Ministers’ inaction on homes and a failure of leadership on reducing transport emissions.
The Greens laid out serious plans to insulate every home during budget negotiations in 2010, and yet the Scottish Government only agreed last month to finally launch a National Retrofit Programme for homes.

Insulation Need
Patrick Harvie MSP said: “The Government can’t get away with expressing shock that Scotland has cold winters some years; this failure of Government policy can’t be pinned on bad weather when they have delayed year after year the national, street-by-street effort we need to insulate Scotland’s leaky homes. Cutting energy bills and carbon emissions at the same time should be a no-brainer.
“Today’s figures highlight our damaging reliance on coal and the need for a plan to phase out fossil fuel use alongside the growth in renewables. We need a clear timetable set for taking fossil fuels out of the system, but the SNP are still intent on extracting every last bit they can find.”

Lack of Leadership
Patrick Harvie maintiained: “Scotland’s transport emissions remain higher now than before climate change was even accepted by most political parties, and the SNP’s failure to show the slightest interest in making sustainable transport work for people is the biggest single threat to future progress toward the climate targets.
The MSP continued: “It’s clear that a transformation of our transport system is needed but there is a serious lack of leadership at cabinet level. Far too often, the junior minister is dispatched to fend off frustrated bus users and cyclists while the cabinet secretary takes the stage to announce new road spending or support for aviation.
“The next climate change plan must mark a bold shift in transport thinking or there is little hope of meeting the targets and Scotland’s self-promoted status as a climate leader will unravel within a few years.”


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