In December 2012, I wrote an article on the five pine trees beside the Loch Tay road below Ben Lawers at Cragganester, and their link with the World War Two Telemark raid.
The December storm caused a great deal of destruction right across Scotland and sadly, three of the five trees fell victim to the fierce winds. These trees stood here for a long time and must have withstood a lot before this wind finally got them.

Telemark Update
The initial article caused a great deal of interest, and it does seem to be the case that commandoes who went on the Telemark raid were trained to ski at Ben Lawers.
The man who co-ordinated the ski training was called Borge Jensen. He was a very prolific skier, and was a Danish  “political refugee”, arriving in Scotland around the start of the war. His then wife Audrey helped with the training. Her family knew she had been involved in commando training as she remembered that one of them hit her full square in the face with a snowball. They were not told why they were training these men. Significantly, the training took place outwith the recognized “protected zone” for commando training, which was centred on the Fort William area and Glenmore on Speyside. It appears these men where kept separate from the rest. People in Killin have been able to recount “special forces” training on Ben Lawers at the time and being billeted at a guest house in the town.
Borge (known as Bobby) Jensen got divorced from his wife in 1945, but continued to live in Scotland. He was involved in a housing scheme in Comrie in the 1960s, and he was also involved in a political movement called Social Credit, whose founder Major Douglas lived in Fearnan. You can get some background on this here:  Borge Jensen inherited Feadan Estate from Audrey’s aunt Dee. He died in 1985 in Aberfeldy Hospital.
Audrey Fford returned to Tayside in 1970, having spent 12 years in France, and died in 1995. She had three sons, and her daughter-in-law Katie Fforde is a well known author.
The trees having been blown down injects more urgency in researching the story. If anyone is able to throw any additional light on this story, please contact me on 07787 520987 or at CLOAKING

Victor Clements


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