The public path linking Aberfeldy with Dunkeld was reopened as scheduled, in late April. As the path runs through the Griffin Construction site, members of the public using it are advised to take note of the Responsible Access Notice and map below.
Extra care is urged to look out for:
• Heavy vehicles using the route
• Blasting at site A on the map (between 10-12am & 2-4pm)
For safety reasons (and to ensure the path can remain open) access takers must please:
• Keep to the promoted path within the construction site
• Follow all on site safety guidance given by signs or site personnel
• Keep clear of the blasting area (as directed by site personnel while blasting is taking place)

Group Access
It would be appreciated by the contractors if organised groups using the path gave advance notice when planning to pass through the construction site. Basic details of the size of group, date and approximate time and type of access (walk/cycle) would be helpful.
Contact Laggan Construction - Matthys Botha 07825 835511 in the first instance or call in at the on site reception during working hours.
For more information regarding responsible public access contact PKC Access Officer Jaaltne Pritchard CLOAKING - 01738 475332


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