At a champagne reception in the art deco Athena in Leicester, the title of Best Young Dentist in Scotland was awarded to Chris Barrowman who started Infinityblu Dental Care in Pitlochry six years ago.
The 35 year old Dundee University graduate and father-of-three collected his award watched by his wife Steph and fellow dental colleagues.
Chris BarrowmanWebAfter the event, back in Pitlochry, he related: “When I heard my name (at the ceremony), it was an amazing feeling, There were two very good dentists from Glasgow in the running so I didn’t know what to expect.
“Back at the practice, I just hoped to walk in and carry on as normal but the staff had put balloons everywhere and the patients were all passing on their congratulations.”
Chris’ honour comes hot on the heels of Infinityblu’s victory at Gleneagles for Highly Commended Practice of the Year North at the Dentistry Scotland awards.
“As well as the case studies and business development, the testimonials from patients were really important, in terms of the judges,” Chris explained. “At the end of the day, our patients are what this is all about, so I’d personally like to thank them for their support.”

Chris Barrowman is pictured receiving his award for Young Dentist of the Year Scotland at the Athena in Leicester


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