Members of the public are invited to attend a feedback event about the future of health and social care services in Aberfeldy and the surrounding areas.
Several working groups have now been established to consider future proposals and their feedback and progress will be shared with the local community at the event on 21 June, which will take place at Aberfeldy Town hall between 10am and 12pm.
NHS GettingInvolvedWebThe feedback event has been organised by NHS Tayside, Perth & Kinross Council and independent and voluntary sector partners as part of an ongoing engagement programme with the local community.

The event follows two community discussion events to help shape the future of health and social care services in the area, which gave local residents the opportunity to share their views.
In total, around 120 members of the public attended these in Aberfeldy Town Hall to consider sustainable health and social care services for adults and older people to meet the current and future needs of the local population.
Evelyn Devine, Head of Older People's Services with Perth & Kinross Community Health Partnership, said: “We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with the community to look at how health and social care services can be shaped for the future for the community.”
Teas and coffees will be provided at the event.

Consultation's Progress
As part of its commitment to ongoing engagement with the local community, NHS Tayside has created a dedicated section on its website which will be updated with all the latest news and information about what’s happening in Aberfeldy and the surrounding areas throughout the engagement process.
The Informing, Involving and Consulting in Aberfeldy & Surrounding Areas website can be found at in the Quick Links section and will be a key point of information for all news updates, adverts and feedback from the local community.
To register interest in attending the feedback event or to secure travel assistance, contact Sarah Robertson on 01738 459542 or email CLOAKING


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