The inspiration of 8 year old Josh Moran, who lives in Ballinluig, sparked an idea in the mind of Lorraine Gardiner, the manager of the SPAR stores in Aberfeldy.
During last summer, young Josh raised £300 for the Macmillan Support Cancer charity by selling copies of the story which we wrote with his nana, Betty Liddle of Grandtully.
JoshSPARcheque2WebWhen Betty ran off copies of the story in the store she filled Lorraine in on some of the background to Josh’s fundraising. The manager took up the cause with C J Laing, the store operators.
The SPAR grocer network encourages its workers to become involved in local community activities and to raise charity cash. Last September, for example, the store provided all  the  water for the competitors in the local Rotary cluib’s Highland Perthshire marathon.

Small Charge, Big Return
Lorraine explained: “If a customer requires a carrier bag for their goods we charge 2 pence, which all goes into a charity fund. This is good for the environment and helpful for many worthy causes.
“There are 115 SPAR stores throughout Scotland and every August head office contacts them to put forward nominations for causes to support with contributions.”
The conversation over the photocopier bore fruit, not only for the Macmillan cause which has benefitted by £1000, but also for the young author Josh. During it Lorraine learned that he was an ardent fan of Liverpool FC.
At the handover of the cheque in mid January, thanks to behind-the-scenes contacts by Lorraine with the Merseyside club, Josh received a surpise presentation of a Liverpool team shirt, a signatured photo of captain Steven Gerrard and a certificate of appreciation from the club. 
Chair of the local Macmillan committee, Trish Orr, expressed her delight at receipt of the cash support which she stressed will be used in the local area. She also added praise for Josh’s outstanding efforts.

Josh and Lorraine are pictured above


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