As a result of the success of last year’s Enchanted Forest event, the Highland Perthshire Area CIC was able to ring fence the sum of £5,000 as a Community Fund, to be awarded to local groups and organisations. 
Following the recent call for applications, the CIC Directors were delighted to announce that the following 14 organisations have been successful: 
Dalweem presentationWebOld People’s Welfare Bus (Pitlochry),
Pitlochry Winter Lights,
Breadalbane Canoe Club,
Dalweem Residential Care Home (Aberfeldy),
Aberfeldy & District Gaelic Choir, Atholl Players (Pitlochry),
Soldiers of Killiecrankie, 
Friends of Balhousie,
the Atholl Centre (Pitlochry),
Vale of Atholl Pipe Band,
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (Pitlochry),
North Perthshire Family History Group,
Pitlochry & Moulin Heritage Centre,
Dull Biodynamic Vegetable project. 
CIC Chair, Graham Brown, told Comment:  “We’re delighted to have had so many diverse applications and the funds awarded will be put to a very wide variety of uses, from helping to restore a dilapidated roof, stanchioning a 150 year old stained glass window and providing treats for elderly patients, to buying specialist gardening equipment and supporting  youth sporting endeavour. 
"We are confident that the awards made will bring benefit to, and be enjoyed by, a large number of Highland Perthshire people.”  

Pictured, from left, are: John Duff (Aberfeldy Gaelic choir), Irene Cattanach (Dalweem Comfort Fund), Graham Brown (Chair CIC) and Ron Young (Dalweem Comfort Fund)


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