The team at the five-star Scottish Crannog Centre by Kenmore scooped a gold award at the 2015 Green Tourism Goldstar Awards at the annual Green Tourism Conference on the 8 November.
The prestigious national awards ceremony marked the culmination of Green Tourism Week organised by the world’s leading sustainable tourism accreditation programme. More than 2,400 contenders were whittled down to a shortlist of 63 businesses nominated for 15 awards to honour those businesses and organisations that have done the most to promote sustainability within the industry by implementing cost-saving practices that help the environment, improve customer services and benefit the bottom line.
CrannogGoldstarWebAll of the finalists were assessed for their innovation, cost savings and green ambassadorship during 2014-2015.
The Scottish Crannog Centre has won a gold award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme for eight consecutive years since joining the scheme, so the team is delighted to win the new Gold Star Award in the category of Best Visitor Attraction in the UK and Ireland.
The Centre’s Directors Ms Barrie Andrian and Dr Nicholas Dixon were on hand to collect the award at the conference. Ms Andrian said, “We are very proud to be selected winner from such a large field of nominees. We are passionate about the environment and we work very hard not just to operate sustainably, but also to inspire our visitors and staff to be as environmentally responsible as possible. “

Best of the Best
Andrea Nicholas, Director of Green Tourism, said: “The Goldstar Awards are a recognition of the best of the best in Britain and beyond when it comes to creating and maintaining a thriving sustainable tourism industry.”
Green Tourism was launched 16 years ago and is now is the biggest of its kind in the world having helped nearly 10,000 businesses improve their commitment to sustainability. It is considered one of the most rigorous of its kind and is the only certification programme independently validated by the International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) on behalf of VisitEngland, VisitWales and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, and endorsed by VisitScotland and Failte Ireland.
The organisation has become a world leader in highlighting the importance of protecting environments, respecting local cultures, supporting communities, conserving natural resources and minimising pollution.
This year’s Green Conference and awards ceremony was sponsored by Triodos Bank, Ecover, NIBE, SaveMoneyCutCarbon and Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Scottish Crannog Centre Directors Dr Nicholas Dixon and Ms Barrie Andrian are pictured with their award at the Green Tourism Conference in Bristol


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