At its annual Awards Dinner held in Glasgow in June, the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) announced 13 winners in the Public Building category, representing the very best of current Scottish architecture.
There were 83 submissions for awards  from throughout Scotland, ranging in cost from £26,000 to £125m. The Birks cinema project in Aberfeldy picked up three awards in total: one in a general category for the best public buildings, a special award for Client of the Year – and a special commendation for Conservation and Climate Change.
BirksRIASawardWebRobin Baker, Architect said: “It was a very successful night. We have an award with a plaque to go on the wall in the cinema and a commendation in the special category award for Conservation & Climate Change which was a surprise.

Client Awards
“Of course I am absolutely delighted that the Friends have received the very prestigious Client of the Year Award for 2016 which includes a cheque for £1,000.”
Cabinet Secretary, Fiona Hyslop MSP said: “The Scottish Government is committed to supporting our architecture and design sector. Within our national policy statement on architecture, Creating Places, we recognise the vital role of good clients in ensuring that Scotland’s buildings and places enrich our lives, are sustainable, make a positive contribution to the environment where they are sited, and contribute to our cultural and national identity.
“Good clients share this government’s belief that the creation of high quality buildings and places can enhance and benefit the communities in which their projects are set. The Scottish Government is pleased to support the Client of the Year Award as part of the 2016 RIAS Awards.”
Muriel Dunbar, Chair of the Birks Cinema Trust said: “It is fantastic to pick up yet more awards for the cinema.”

Nick McGowan-Lowe’s photo shows, from right: Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Charlotte Flower, founder and former chair of the Friends of the Birks Cinema and partner Adam Harrison.


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