'Thrifty' Repairs at The Old Kirk

Aberfeldy Drama Club’s premises in Aberfeldy’s Chapel Street, which hosts the town’s rolling thrift shops, has received cash support from P&K (Aberfeldy Common Good Fund) and the Quality of Life Trust for repairs to its building.
Low-level vandalism has resulted in a number of small panes of stained glass being broken in the Grade B listed building and, with the windows being well over 100 years old, the repair work is difficult and costly.
KirkWindowGroupWebThe Drama Club has owned the building since 2001 and the thrift shop has operated there for the last eight years. Housed in the old Free Kirk, the ‘Thrifty’ is a much valued and fondly regarded community resource, used by over 40 different charities and local organisations throughout the year and generating well over £300,000 for good causes so far.
The repair work has been carried out by the highly skilled, Perthshire based, John Willis and Donald Fraser, who have returned the windows to a pristine condition and ensured the building continues to be a viable venue for all that use it.
Willis observed: “In addition to the several large holes caused by vandals, the windows were on the verge of collapse and the repairs could not have been delayed much longer.
“It has been a pleasure working on the building and I am proud to have been able to play a part in the renovation”.
P&K C’llr Mike Williamson was on hand to witness the protective covers being fitted and commented: “This building is an example of the very best sort of community collaboration often found in Aberfeldy and is exactly the type of project that the Common Good Fund and Quality of Life Trust were designed to support.”
The Drama Club President, Gilbert Price, praised the funding support, saying: “The Thrift Shop operates on a break-even basis in order for as much money as possible to go to good causes. The support from the Council directly benefits all those who use the building and we are all relieved to see it gradually being renovated.”

Pictured, from left: Drama Club President Gilbert Price, contractors Donald Fraser and Mike Bloice, John Willis (of Artisan Stained Glass, Bankfoot) and Ward 4 C’llr Mike Williamson


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