Scottish Finance Secretary John Swinney had to fork out a pound recently when he found his way barred by a checkpoint as he arrived to help celebrate the tenth anniversary of the restored railway bridge at Logierait. 
A vital shortcut across the Tay for locals and tourists in the Logierait area, the onetime railway bridge is now owned by the community and was restored for light vehicle and pedestrian use ten years ago.
LogieBridgeGroupWebFinding themselves strapped for cash for maintenance, the local Charity, the Logierait Bridge Company Committee, established the road block for the day, to raise money for maintenance and to raise awareness that the bridge, a well-used and well-loved local tourist landmark needs subscribers to help with a continuing annual maintenance bill of £4,500.  
Bridge Treasurer and Membership Secretary Kate Howie declared the day a big success, with 17 new subscribers  joining, and £780 raised in tolls, donations and membership fees. New Members are always welcome.  Please contact Kate at CLOAKING .
We’re grateful for local members who fork out every year to keep the bridge open. If we use the checkpoint often enough we might persuade the local non-payers to join in and help preserve a useful local landmark. Same goes for Supermarket delivery vans.
This is our bridge, subscribe or lose it

                                                                          Norman McCandlish

The photo shows John Swinney (centre) with members of the committee, from left: Kate Howie, Norman McCandlish, Jean Robertson, John Fry, Gordon Dilworth and Logierait Bridge Chairman Patrick Bradley


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