Proving that age is no barrier to taking on endurance challenges, Alison Stewart (63) from Ballinluig is preparing to tackle the gruelling Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon, on Saturday 12 July. 
Billed as Scotland’s toughest one-day event, this comprises of an 0.8 mile swim across Loch Tay, 16 mile hike/run over seven munros (including 2500 metres of ascent), 7seven mile kayak and 34 mile cycle around Loch Tay.  It is organised by Perthshire based WildFox Events and this year aims to raise more than £250,000 for two charities, Mary’s Meals and Mercy Corps. 
Alison StewartWebAlison (pictured) has completed a variety of events, including the Edinburgh Marathon 4 years ago, various half marathons and some sprint triathlons. But the Quad is a whole different ball game as it requires endurance over a much longer period. 
Last year’s winning team, which included adventure racer Mark Beaumont took 8 hours 37 minutes to complete the course and the final participants finished in over 17 hours. For Alison and her partner the goal is to just to complete the course and enjoy themselves.
Alison paired up with Anita Prentice from Grandtully who is 23 years younger, “just one year older than my son” says Alison.  

High Yield for Charity
On the day Alison and Anita Prentice, their team called Woz this your idea?, made it round the route in 15 hours 15 minutes. “It was one of the toughest challenges we have faced but the stunning backdrop of the Scottish hills and our unbreakable team spirit got us through the training and eventually to the finish line”, commented Alison. Anita was the fastest female swimmer, taking just 22 minutes and 11 seconds to swim across Loch Tay.  
On the day, the fastest team took 9 hours 42 minutes to complete the event and the final participants crossed the finish in 16 hours 32 minutes.
Woz this your idea? raised over £1,130 and was just two of the 323 Quadrathletes who together hope to raise more than £250,000 pounds. This money will go towards two different projects, the first to feed more than 12,000 children for a whole year in 11 schools across Malawi and Liberia and the second, to educate Nepal’s most marginalized and impoverished young girls and give them the tools to create better futures for themselves.
Now in its 14th year, the Quadrathlon has helped raise over £6 million to bring hope to 14.5 million people in the world’s poorest countries.


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