St Ninian’s Garden is now a ‘Special Place’ in the town

Finishing touches are underway at St Ninian’s Garden. This ambitious project to enhance the garden in the historic town of Dunkeld, for the benefit of residents and visitors, is almost complete.
The garden, created some 35 years ago, had fallen into disrepair and local people were determined to revive it and enhance the picturesque town centre.
StNnians2WebThe driving force behind the project is enthusiastic local group Dunkeld and Birnam in Bloom whose members raised more than £45,000 including donating £2,500 in cash which they had earned from cake, berry and plant sales.  They have taken the garden over under a lease from Perth & Kinross Council.  
Linda Speirs, Chair of Dunkeld and Birnam in Bloom, said: ‘We are delighted with the results and we now have our work cut out to get planting this spring! We are always looking for more volunteers, so please come and help us look after this special place for us all to share. 
“We are really grateful to all our supporters who have made the project possible”
Funding was awarded by P&K Council (Community Environment Challenge Fund), Perth and Kinross Quality of Life Trust, Awards for All, the Dunkeld City Hall Trust and the SSE Griffin and Calliacher Community Fund.
Take a Pride in Perthshire Association has been of great assistance and it held its AGM in Birnam on Saturday 26 April so that members could visit the garden and admire the group’s achievement.

Sculpture Centrepiece
Improvement works included stone walling, re-paving and re-surfacing, refurbishment of the seating, new litter bins, and the creation of a stunning centre piece - a stone poetry sculpture specially created by local stonemason Martin Reilly. 
The sculpture features words from a poem written by local poet Kenneth Steven.  Symbols reflecting special local features have been carved into it and schoolchildren were invited to give their own ideas and visited the garden to see the sculpture being created.
By the time this article appears, volunteers will have taken part in a Planting Day and the fruits of their labour will add substantially to the sight in the pictures above. An opening event to celebrate the new garden will be held in June – details to be announced later. 


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