A Summer Youth Initiative Marks Its Launch

On 27 June an invited gathering in Pitlochry brought together representatives from the Scottish Fire Service, Scottish Ambulance Service, Community Council s, P&K Social and Youth Workers and several other local stakeholders to meet the reformulated team of officers which is pursuing the policing priorities for the areas of Dunkeld and Birnam in Strathtay Ward and Pitlochry, Aberfeldy and the surrounding villages of Highland Ward.
Local CCs LineupWebThis new Police Scotland, Tayside Division, team is one of two being re-formed in North Perthshire, the other being based at Blairgowrie.
In her introduction, Inspector Laura Burns said: “I am delighted to now have serving the communities of Dunkeld and Birnham in Strathtay and Highland Perthshire a new team consisting of four Community Constables who already have a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in this area. Also a new Community Sergeant who joins us with over 15 years policing experience. 
“Together with our partners, this team will be proactive in tackling the issues that matter most to this community in order to detect and prevent crime, demonstrating our continued commitment to keeping Highland Perthshire a safe place to live, work and visit”

Youth Initiative
InspLauraBurnsWebAt the event Laura Burns (pictured) announced the launch of a summer-long youth initiative addressing the 1,240 young people on the Highland Perthshire and Strathtay patch. This will run through until 19 August and will address
anti-social behaviour in the areas of Dunkeld & Birnam, in Strathtay Ward and Aberfeldy, Pitlochry and the surrounding villages in Highland Ward.

“....Anti-social behaviour can have a major impact within our communities, affecting everyone from local businesses, residents, the elderly and tourists visiting the area...we must not be complacent to think we are free from it.”

She noted that Highland Perthshire has a low crime rate making it a safe place to live, work and visit. However, like anywhere, communities from time to time are affected by anti-social behaviour which can increase over the summer months.
She explained: “This initiative is to form part of the remit of the new Highland Perthshire Community Policing Team and there are already plans to have it rolled out across North Perthshire in due course.
“One of the key elements will be for us to act as an early warning system to families, making them aware of their child/children’s behaviour, giving parents and guardians the opportunity to exercise control.
“It has been designed to help assist in prevention and detection of crime and improve the quality of life for everyone through early intervention.
“Anti-social behaviour can have a major impact within our communities affecting everyone from local businesses, residents, the elderly and tourists visiting the area. Highland Perthshire is fortunate not to have a significant problem with anti social behaviour however we must not be complacent to think we are free from it.”
The new team will signpost youths to local diversionary activities organised by P&K Youth Services, The Breathe Project and other local partners.

The newly formed community police line up, with its senior officers, pictured at Pitlochry police station is, from left: PC John Maddocks, S’gt Kirsteen Chalmers, PC Mark Duffy, PC Steve Band, Insp Laura Burns, S'gt Amanda Nicolson and Chief Insp Mike Whitford


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