Following the success of last summer’s series of Sunday Farmers’ Markets in Aberfeldy town square, the Aberfeldy Small Business Association (ASBA) has been awarded funding by SSE to continue to develop and grow them over the next three years.
AberfeldyMarket1WebJenny Langrish, Chair of ASBA, told Comment: “This is fantastic news, as it will enable the town to have an enduring Farmers’ Market showcasing the very best of Perthshire’s food larder; and attracting visitors into the town, with the increased footfall providing a valuable boost to local businesses.”
ASBA hopes that visiting the Farmers’ Market will act as a catalyst to bring visitors to Aberfeldy and spend the day in the area, to the overall benefit of the whole local economy.
“We are currently finalising plans for this year’s six markets which will run between 10am and 2pm on the first Sunday of the month from May to October,” continued Jenny. “We are also purchasing additional market stalls, which will enable us to meet the demand of additional producers and suppliers keen to join this year’s Markets.”

This year the events are to be themed and have additional activities taking place on the day – all designed to bring more visitors to the town and surrounding attractions. Each will run in conjunction with activities organised on the Saturday by the Community Campus, thus delivering events throughout the market weekend. 
4 May - Food Festival; food and cookery demonstration utilising local produce; food and drink preparation and tastings
1 June – Art: An art trail map to be printed and local artists to open their workshops; local caricaturist to do on-the-spot drawings plus wood carving demonstrations
6 July - Music: Different acoustic acts with 15 minute slots during the market
3 August – Sport: Local sport leisure companies to promote and give demonstrations; also sporting activities
7 September – Classic Cars: Vehicle displays
5 October - Colin McRae Rally
     Further details to follow
ASBA is warmly encouraging contact from those interested in involvement with, or ideas for, these themed events or the markets in general: Jenny Langrish  on 01887 820533, CLOAKING or Adeline on 01738 582159, CLOAKING


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