At the Fulham Palace in London on 14 October the owners and staff of Aberfeldy’s Habitat Cafe will discover the nature of the prestigious national accolade that will be bestowed upon them in the Beverage Standards Awards (BSA) ceremony for this year.
After merely one year of operation of the widely appreciated beverage venue in the town’s square, owners Mike and Jan Haggerton told Comment that they were ‘thrilled to receive the brilliant news of our invitation to the event.’
habitatPrizeWebThe Awards presentation is to be hosted by Jon Skinner and will spotlight the successful establishments who will be vying to win Best Awards in service, tea, coffee (espresso, filter and milk based) and hot chocolate. Dame Kelly Holmes, winner of two gold medals at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, will be the guest of honour.
Mike added: “We are delighted that our staff are to receive such a prestigious national award for all their hard work. 
“Over 200 businesses were in the running, and we are incredibly proud that our team has come top. They have had to learn a massive amount in such a short time, so this is a truly olympic achievement for them!”
Pictured here is the Habitat Cafe crew, from left: Jan Haggerton, Julia Dunbar (Lead Cook), Mike Haggerton, Nina Taylor (Head of Service), Zoe Campbell (Lead Barista).


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