15 November 2015

Despite frequent gloomy news of closures in recent years, Comment has learned of one individual who has taken it upon himself to breathe new life into a much-needed business that was on the point of closure.
Bob Martin, originally from Forfar, heard that two well-known engineers in Perth (one aged 75, the other 67) were about to close Perth Engineering Services after 21 years if no-one was prepared to buy it.
He told Comment: “I left school at 15 and started work straight away in a machine shop and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 24-25 years, latterly as a partner in the business. 
“I thought it sounded like an interesting opportunity, and it would have been a real shame for such a vital business to close, so I made these guys an offer.”

Huge Potential
PerthsEngineeringWebHis offer was accepted and Bob (pictured here) took over the business in September this year, adding: “I bought the business as I see huge potential for the company.  These days, buying new machinery is out of the question for most people so they’re looking to have things mended/replaced. 
“As I do precision machine work, making replacement parts, mainly in metal, for broken and worn machinery, the service I provide is essential to farmers, mechanics and the general public. I’ll make anything from a candle stick for your granny, to an enormous shaft for a factory. ”
In the short time since he has taken over, Bob has been busy putting his own stamp on the business and, of his plans for the future, he explained:  “One of the things I want to do eventually is take on apprentices.  The work I do is a dying trade and it needs to be kept going and I’m determined to give a young lad a chance at learning the skill. 
“I’ve taken the business back to basics and tidied things up and, when everything’s perfect, I’ll start looking for someone.”

Highland Perthshire Relevance
Although based in Perth, Bob concluded:  “I’ve already had jobs from people in Pitlochry and Aberfeldy, as I don’t think there’s anyone else who does what I do and everyone who’s come in so far has been recommended, which is really great.”
The business is based at Unit 2, 14 Dunkeld Road, Perth, PH1 5RW. For information on the complete range of services that Bob provides, he can be contacted on 01738-444744 or 075223-950802 or CLOAKING  


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