After the launch of its first own label whisky in July, Robertson’s (Pitlochry) will release the second one on 12 December and owner Ewan McIlwraith told Comment:  “We did 120 bottles of a Blair Atholl whisky for the first launch and it sold out in six weeks, so this time we’ve got 320 bottles of a MacDuff 16 year old (46%).
RobertsonWeb“It’s a whole cask and each bottle is individually numbered.  Having a range of whiskies under our own name is something different for the shop and we’ll probably do it three or four times each year.”
Ewan is building on Robertson’s collection and continued  “We’ve got about 300 single malts, some very rare and even one which was produced for William and Kate’s wedding.  That cost £75 when it first came out but, as there were only 1,000 bottles, it now costs over £2000.” 

Buoyant Market
There’s a big collector’s market in interesting whiskies which are not widely available.  He explained: “Our own label ones are based on cask availability.  I use an agent to help me source them, as some of the really interesting ones are very hard to find and can cost anything up to £100,000.”
Nearing the first anniversary of his stewardship of the shop, Ewan added:  “We’ve just taken on a distributorship for Windswept Breweries in Lossiemouth and there are lots of plans in the pipeline for the future.” 
Tasting notes on the new whisky can be found at: and Ewan can be contacted on: 01796-472013


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