Ventrolla’s Decade of Success in Highland Perthshire

Sash window specialists Keith and Mairi Macleod are celebrating 10 years of success having run Ventrolla Tayside since 2004.
Based in Blair Atholl and covering a business area of 11,600 square miles, the Tayside team renovates everything from domestic homes to listed buildings such as Eden Court theatre in Inverness, Dundee rail station and the University of the Highlands and Islands.
Ventrolla anniversaryWebA little closer to home and finishing just in time for the anniversary, they have just completed work on the picturesque B-listed building of Blair Atholl Village Hall.
Adapting to demand, Ventrolla Tayside also recently started offering double-glazing solutions alongside renovation. Being a joiner himself, Keith uses innovative craftsmanship and skilled work to retain the original features and charm of period sash windows.

Unique Service
Mairi, owner of Ventrolla Tayside, said: “We have had the privilege of working on some fantastic projects over the years and it is great to reach this milestone, especially in the current economic climate.
“The key to this business is that we offer such a unique service. We use traditional carpentry skills that retain original features and offer an alternative to modern UPVC and casement windows.”
David Greaves, Managing Director of Ventrolla, said: “I congratulate Keith and Mairi for their continued success. It is testament to their hard work and commitment and we are grateful they joined the Ventrolla family 10 years ago.”
Ventrolla was established since 1983 and has expanded into a strong franchise network across the UK and Ireland, specialising in bespoke renovation services for sliding sash and casement windows as well as timber doors.
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The Ventrolla Tayside team is pictured at base in Blair Atholl


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